The best people for your business

Impossible vacancy? Challenge accepted!

We at Anker like to do things differently. We would rather suggest a few suitable candidates, than to swamp you with as many CV’s as we can find. Because of our method, we find the best and truly motivated candidates.

We like to think big, but we also believe in the power of small gestures and a personal touch. We are quick to anticipate and respond to changes in the market and your business in particular.

Anker Professionals biedt je kwaliteit in recruitment. Laat ons jouw ideale kandidaat voor je vinden.

National and international high flyers

Sometimes the best person for the job lives on the other side of the country, or even beyond our borders. This is why, when needed, we cross these borders in search of the perfect match.

When a move is necessary because of the new job, we start our relocation procedure. We provide support with matters such as paperwork, looking for a home or a suitable school for the children. You can find out more about this service by clicking the tab Relocation at the top of this page.

High level recruitment

In addition to the match on paper, the relationship between your organisation and the candidate is of the utmost importance. This requires recruitment of the highest level and results in a select group of candidates. We will only introduce you to the very best.

Our specialties

  • Software
  • Data, AI & Business Intelligence
  • Cloud & Infrastructure
  • Security
  • Finance, Risk & Compliance
  • Agile

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