It's all about the people

Impossible to find?
Game on.

While our office is located in Amsterdam, our working area extends across the globe. Anker Professionals stands out from the crowd by maintaining a high service level, having genuine attention for our relations and sharp headhunting skills.

We like to exceed all expectations of both employer and candidate. Possibly through a small gesture, by how we take care of things, or simply with the essence of our job: finding a candidate for -what was thought to be- an impossible vacancy to fill.

We find people. It’s what we're good at.

Anker Professionals is een Amsterdams recruitment bureau, dat liefst verwachtingen overtreft.

Anker Professionals

Anker Professionals stands for high quality recruitment. Founders Mitch and Gijs met in 2014 while working for a mutual employer. This collaboration turned out to be a match made in heaven: soon plans for their own recruitment agency were forged and the rest is ancient history.

With a team of skilled professionals, Anker now brings together great people and great jobs on a daily basis. Even the most difficult vacancies meet their match here.

Anker Professionals is een high level recruitment bureau, opgericht door Mitch en Gijs.

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