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Do you like your job? Does it still match your ambition? Is it well balanced with your private life? Ofcourse we’d love to talk about your CV, but also about everything else that’s important to you.

Here, we talk about the possibilities that lay ahead in your career. Perhaps you aren’t even looking for a new job, but one of our colleagues has reached out to you.

We’d like to help you find the job that works for you. The kind of job that compliments you in more ways than one. Ofcourse, the vacancy should match your skill set, but there’s more to it. Being on the same page as your employer and feeling at home in the company culture is of considerable importance too.

Recruitment die draait om jou en jouw kwaliteiten. Bekijk ook onze vacatures.

Handled with care

We at Anker Professionals always have a minute to spare. That is why we keep you informed on every update in the process, so you know exactly where you stand. We value your time.

Have we landed you a dream job? Then we’ll make sure to handle all peripheral matters, so you can relax and be off to a great start.

The greatest jobs at the best employers

There’s a great job out there for everyone. Our focus lies on vacancies in a number of industries, such as Finance and IT. We know our way around the market and are best able to provide our service there. Feel free to contact us, so we can discuss your situation.


  • Software
  • Data, AI & Business Intelligence
  • Cloud & Infrastructure
  • Security
  • Finance, Risk & Compliance
  • Agile

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